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for fans and anti-fans with one goal

5/24/05 03:14 pm - lastlorelei

A girl died in 1933 by a homicide murderer. He buried her in the ground when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, "Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded.



3/11/05 01:11 am - pinkdlite - x-posted

Natalie/Closer icons


Add me as a friend if you like, and I'll add you back! I love new friends. :)

So swoon me starry nights...Collapse )

2/14/05 11:26 am - lastlorelei - Yeah let's get going again!

sorry I have been away so long. I was trying to be a bit more "healthy" and eat a little more. I am still going to lean in that direction, but I am also realising a little ana always helps too. I just find that if I starve to the point of craziness - I tend to binge binge binge, and then I gain because I don't purge! Bad system. Gained about ten pounds over the holidays - awful. But I think I have lost five or so (I haven't weighed in awhile) and I'm setting a short term goal to lose five pounds by the end of February! How are you all doing? Did you guys see "Closer"?

1/19/05 10:45 pm - the_three_ts

Hey girls... How have you all been? What's going on with this community? I think we should get started again.

And here's a Natalie-related community promotion for you...

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12/1/04 11:54 pm - coutrecrazy

hello hello! i just wanted to say that i know this community is somewhat bare at the moment. and since weigh-in's are every friday, i post once a week. but i promise to do more. i have finals and papers and projects all due within hours of each other for the next two weeks so i'm sorry if i neglect this site a bit. i'll still do the weigh-ins.

but feel free to post anything you guys want! the posts don't all have to be weigh-ins! it's just that the weigh-in's are more organized if there's one heading post and the rest are comments. not that i have to worry about it getting out of control since there are less than a handful members. hahaha.

btw, i wanted to share a site i found. www.gawker.com
it's not ED related. it's celeb gossip related and i'm addicted to their "gawker stalker" section which are readers' accounts of their run-ins with celebs. it's nice to read about what they're "really" like, as in physically. there was one that said she told ashley olsen was 4'10" b/c she herself was 5" and ashley seemed much shorter than her. haha, that made me smile.

anyway i hope you are doing well. i just ate and it's 12am and i feel terrible but i havent eaten much all day and i'm pulling an all nighter so i hope the food won't all go straight to my ever-growing tummy. and it was sushi, so it wasn;t like pizza or anything horrific. :-/

lots of luck! --kayla

11/27/04 11:42 pm - coutrecrazy - delayed weigh-in

i just wanted to say hi to the 2 other members. hahaha. sorry for not posting on friday. i got discouraged b/c i didn't see anyone interested and gave up after a few days. but now i'm glad to have at least a couple of other ppl.

ok, thanksgiving was SO BAD for me. not even going to whine and complain about what i ate and how many gazillion calories are in each morsel of food. it was just bad. but inevitable since i was with the family and whenever we get together, we eat.

ok, so i refused to weigh myself, knowing it'll be more than i started with last week. so i'm going to estimate:

11/27 weigh-in: 140-ish

i can say i gained 5lbs since last time b/c i can't fit into my pants anymore. i'm serious. and we're not talking right after dinner. we're talking the morning after. and the morning after that.

starting sunday i will restrict. like crazy. i need to fit into my f-ing pants at least w/o having my circulation choked off.

11/21/04 09:53 pm - coutrecrazy

hi everyone!

alright, let's start things off. it's 11/21 today and by 1/21 i NEED to be at LEAST 30lbs lighter. why? one word: "AUDITIONS" and i don't care what they say, all that "oh it's not what you are on the outside but who you are within that counts." HAHA, only skinny ppl or hopelessly fat ppl say that!
i hope that this community will provide some support and motivation for those who need it.

here are my stats:
ht: 5'2
cw: 135-ish
lw: 100
hw: 160
stgw: 125

please post your stats as COMMENTS to this post. and please read the "info" page for other procedures. take care! -kayla
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