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hi everyone. well, i finally created a community. i've been a long-time visitor of other proana sites but always fell off the wagon. and since then i've gained 10lbs! DISGUSTING.

well, the reason i created this community is that my thinspiration as of tonight is going to be natalie portman. personally i don't really like her that much as an actress but i am overly jealous of her body and her beauty. that, i will grudgingly give her, she is pretty and every guy is in love with her b/c she's "marriage material." she's the girl that all the guys think is "so smart but still gorgeous." :-P whatever.

the reason she's my thinspiration is that we are around the same height, i'd say a range of 5'0-5'3. i don't know her height specifically but i'm 5'2 and i've seen her once on campus and she seems to be my height. i always feel like losing weight is much more motivating when your thinspiration is someone who is around the same height because then you feel like it IS possible. i will never look like a model, i've accepted that, but at least with natalie as thinspiration, i feel like, if she can do it, so can i.

anyway, this community is open to pro-natalie and anti-natalies, i don't care. personally, i'm rather obsessed with her and i don't even like her that much. you can come, give your stats, vent, ask for advice, etc. there will be a weekly weigh-in every friday night.

here is how posting works: for friday night weigh-ins, wait until i've made a post. you'll be able to tell since it'll have "friday night weigh-in" as the title. i will post my stats as of that day and you will all post yours as comments.

as for other posts such as venting, etc, those can be regular posts. no procedure for that. also, feel free to upload pictures, but they are restricted to natalie ones only!!! sorry, this is a natalie community after all.

hope this community helps. and welcome!